Learning Management System (LMS)

Virtual Classroom

A powerful online learning environment for students and teachers!
Manage data & assignments • track progresses • publish & share
Use the Virtual Classroom to manage texts, photos, documents, news and websites, to define targets, work plans and assignments, to evaluate your students and to administer your classbook, your calendar, and your library.

LMS - Learning Management System

Use the Learning Management System (LMS) Tools to spark differentiated learning and teaching. Set up individual learning plans, define individual targets and assignemnts, evaluate your students, manage online portfolios and create customized exercices.
Use the E-learning Apps web app to create individualized exercises for your students.
  • Create customized and differentiated exercises for your students.
  • Allow students to practice online.
  • Print worksheets including correction sheets.
Use the Targets & Assignments web app to define and track both common and individual learning goals.
  • Define individual targets for your students.
  • Create assignments and track student progress.
  • Allow students to organize their own learning plans.
Use the Learning Plans web app to easily set up individual and differentiated learning plans for all of your students.
  • Create daily, weekly or monthly learning plans.
  • Create custom plans for student groups, or even for specific students.
  • Track student progresses online.
Use the Evaluation & Portfolio web app to define custom or even individual evaluation plans, to track student progesses online, and to manage student portfolios.
  • Evaluate student progresses in real-time.
  • Allow evaluations to influence future learning strategies.
  • Create online student portfolios

Create, manage & publish

Use the Creative Tools to write, manage and publish texts, to upload and organize your photos and documents, to publish blog posts, to bring your classroom online, to manage your own website(s) and to communicate with your students.
Use the Collaborative Writer to write, to manage, to organize, to print and to publish texts.
  • Write and edit your texts online, anywhere and anytime.
  • Easily keep track of all of your student's texts and works.
  • Integrated workflow management makes sure that all texts will be finished and corrected.
Use the Media Manager to upload, to manage, to organize, to share and to publish photos and documents.
  • Upload texts, images, photos, and documents.
  • Organize all of your files in a hierachical directory tree.
  • Easily publish files on your classroom homepage or on your school website.
Use the Projects web app to create and publish your own online projects.
  • Allow teachers and students to create their own wiki-based online projects.
  • Easily publish projects on your classroom homepage or on your school website.
  • No coding required.
Use the Blog & Web web app to publish your own news / blog, to bring your classroom online, to run your own school website(s), as well as to create and publish online projects.
  • Run your own classroom news blog, including image galleries and files.
  • Publish your own classroom website that will be online within minutes.
  • Build complex and dynamic websites for your entire school.
Use the Library web app to manage your classroom library or your school library online. The app supports barcode readers and book information can easily be retrieved online.
  • Manage books and other media in your classroom.
  • Lending tracking and inventory management included.
  • Barcode reader support allows for quick scanning.
Use the Classbook web app to record activities and student attendance, to assign homework, as well as to manage students, teachers, reports, branches, schedules, lists, notes, todo lists and much more.
  • Add students and teachers to your classroom.
  • Keep track of lessons, homework, and student attendances.
  • Change your virtual classroom settings.