Oli.education.lu e-Learning Platform

Oli.education.lu is a free e-Learning Platform for primary education (K12) in Luxembourg, offered by the Ministry of Education and the CGIE. Since 2016, students and teachers have generated over 100,000 worksheets and online exercises, created and/or updated over 120,000 texts and media files, and added more than 55,000 assignments in Virtual Classrooms on Oli.education.lu (as of 2021).


The Oli.lu e-Learning Platform had originally been developed as a non-profit project in 2011. In 2016, a dedicated version for Luxembourg's education named Oli.education.lu has been created by the Centre de Gestion Informatique de l'Education, offering IAM Login and Scolaria DB integration, and running on the CGIE's server infrastructure.


The platform is currently offering...
  • e-Learning Web Apps featuring online execise and worksheet generation
  • Virtual Classrooms featuring media and assignment management
  • Picture dictionary.


The platform is being updated on a weekly basis, adding new features and new content. The latest updates can usually be found in our News Blog.